ADATA is a reputable company known for its flash and memory products. It has been around for years so it was only expected that it would also in the craze for SSDs. Its S599 128 GB SSD is inspired by SandForce SF-1222 controller because of the latter’s excellent performance in tests for SSDs.

ADATA’s SSD is the cheapest and the fastest drive in the 128GB category now. It also offers more value with its excellent performance per GB and per dollar.

Since we started reviewing SandForce supported devices, a lot of changes have happened. We used to talk about how a 100GB SF-1200 drive would cost as much as $600 and how it quickly fell to $400 then to $300GB. Now, things have really changed as 120GB SSDs can cost only $300. For the enthusiast market, the comparison usually lies in the price of the drives.

As the prices for SSDs are going down, manufacturers are now concentrated on attracting customers by adding more accessories or longer warranty periods. For $265, you’re ADATA S599 already includes a three year warranty and a useful anodized desktop adapter bracket as bonus accessories. This is not even the best price for a SandForce-1200 as yet but it is already enough for any customer to be attached to the idea of enjoying more value if they buy the S599.

It would have been better though ADATA and SandForce also devote more attention to the performance of the drives, such as their data copy speed and compressed data transfer. These are often vulnerable areas for SandForce based drives. We know that the drives’ performance still has a lot of room for improvement and we can expect a 20% in its performance in the next releases.

Low prices
Compatible with TRIM
Better performance than other SSDs from SandForce
Three year warranty 2.5 inch bracket in the package
Long, rugged, and durable metal case

Only has 111.79 GB as actual memory though its 128GB model is expected to have 120GB
Real world application tests are not as good as its synthetic results

The cheapest brand name SSD drives on the market come from ADATA. On the same level of quality as OCZ, SanDisk and Samsung Solid State Drives, but as we have come to expect from ADATA at a considerably lower price.
Perfect external USB 3.0 boot-drive solution for Windows 7 and Win 8 or for booting Linux as a 2nd OS.

internal external usb 3.0

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